About Me


Hi! I'm Christoph, and I'm glad you're hanging out with me today. What am I doing here? What I love! I'm obsessed with quality, machines, and my family, of course! Ask my incredible wife and my three little, energetic boys. They would tell you the same. At least I hope so. 

When I was a little boy, I grew up in East Germany. I was very young when the Fall of the Berlin Wall happened. Back then—a lot of things were limited or simply not available. Especially without connections to someone who knew someone :) But at the same time, we were blessed a lot! I grew up and became a printer at my dad's print shop, which was back then in the 2nd generation (now in the 3rd). That's where I got to love working with machines, and always getting the best quality out of them. Later, I changed departments within the company and studied graphic design. That's where I got introduced to the "digital print world." Guess what resolution I used whenever it was possible? Right! The highest. I must have always been about the best outcome for our customers.

After some personal trials, my life started to come together again. Finally! That's where I learned how important it is to have some sort of joy and fun in life. Then I married Lisa, and we lived in Germany for a few years before we decided to move to my wife's home country, the USA. No, it was not easy to leave my family, the family business, and friends behind. But she did the same thing in the first place, so no excuses for me :) (It was a mutual decision, by the way) Since I've been here, my focus shifted slightly from printing to laser engraving. However, the obsession for quality, machines, and my family are still the same. (My wife might even say it has gotten worse...) Where came the gold leafing in the picture? I don't know. That just happened. I guess the quality and "bling, bling" got me again. But I genuinely enjoy and love the process of it. 

Anyway, after I took over the conversation and chewed your ear off, I hope you enjoy the stay and excuse my frail English since it's not my native language. I also hope to reach my goal by bringing you some fun, happiness, or even joy while you browse around. Why is that my goal? Because that is what this life is all about. Regardless of our circumstances, man and woman are made to have JOY!