CUSTOM Journal

CUSTOM Journal

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Do you want to make this journal your own? Let's put your name on it! You can even add a 24-carat gold layer if you'd like. This journal comes with a design or quote of your choice and can be personalized with your name. If you would like your name engraved, make sure to type it in the text box under the color options. Do you have an extra-long quote or a large design? That's no problem as long as it fits on the cover. The price stays the same!


The name engraving is included in the price and not separately listed.


The size of this journal is 4.5 x 8 inches, and it has three books, each with 38 lined sheets (76 pages, combined 228 pages).


If you enjoy reading or writing outdoors, all while soaking up the sun, then you will love this journal! Due to the off white color of the paper, less sunlight reflects into your eyes, making this journal "easy on the eyes" in TWO ways – it's both beautiful and practical. It is, of course, great for indoor use as well.


Do you prefer to write with ink? Perfect! Write anything down and shut your journal right away without leaving unwanted marks on other pages from the wet ink. The ink dries (almost) immediately.


If you chose the 24-carat gold layer, please keep in mind that due to the flexibility of the cover, small creases may appear in the gold leafing. They will, however, not be visible when the notebook is laid straight (in its intended position).


The cover of the journal is made out of durable, synthetic leather. It is easy to clean and ready to hold all your ideas, dreams, and memories.


Features at a glance

· Custom Name Engraving

· 24-carat Gold

· Easy to Read Paper

· Lined Paper

· Super Fast Ink Dry 

· Durable Synthetic Leather

· Refillable

· Easy to Clean



Please send me your idea, file, or sketch (PDF, jpeg, png) to with your order number. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


* The iPhone in the picture is just an example of usage and is not included.


According to Forbes, writing is good for keeping one's gray matter sharp and may even influence how we think, as in "more positively," studies show. Apparently, sequential hand movements, like those used in handwriting, activate large regions of the brain responsible for thinking, language, healing, and working memory.